Corporate investigations

Is there a suspicion of fraud in or around your business? We collect valid evidence for business managers, executives or associates who are confronted with fraud or abuse. We search for the true facts of the case through the objective determination of facts, behaviours and events.

Private investigations

Do you need clarity about your private life? We collect legally valid evidence for citizens who are confronted with uncertainties, setbacks or criminal offences. We try to give you clear answers by means of a discrete and objective private investigation.

Screening & research

Would you like to obtain additional information or evidence? We collect detailed information on behalf of companies, lawyers and private individuals. We have the necessary expertise in background screenings, internet research and customer experience surveys.

Advice & coaching

Are you interested in tailor-made advice or personal coaching? As a client, you can choose to start individual coaching and training, as a qualitative alternative to an investigation or a screening. We can act as a “sparring partner”, to consider different options.